190 Million Shiba Inu Burned Within 24 Hours As SHIB Prints Massive Green Candle

190 Million Shiba Inu Burned Within 24 Hours As SHIB Prints Massive Green Candle

SHIB army has destroyed another large SHIB lump; meanwhile the meme coin has risen by over 5 percent

@shibburn account that represents the same-name tracking service of burn transactions has reported that in the past 24+ hours, almost 190 million Shiba Inu tokens has been taken out of the circulating supply.

In the meantime, the second biggest canine crypto, ranked 14 by CoinMarketCap, has shown a five-percent rise today, printing a big green candle on an hourly chart.

189.7 million SHIB incinerated

The team behind the @shibburn account has shared that within the last twenty-four hours, the SHIB community has conducted seven transactions, moving a total of 189.7 million tokens to various unspendable addresses.

The largest amount of meme tokens transferred within the aforementioned period of time was 176,035,016 Shiba Inu.

A few hours later, one more transfer carrying 8,946,544 SHIB took place, making up a comprised 189.7 million canine coins burnt by the SHIB army.

SHIB may start trading on this Middle East exchange

As reported by U.Today previously, Rain crypto exchange located in the Middle East is considering whether it should list the meme cryptocurrency.

The Twitter account of the exchange has recently stated this question to the SHIB army in a tweet.

The platform has recently raised a whopping $110 million in an investment round from Paradigm – a crypto-focused investment company from San-Francisco.

Rain intends to use the money to expand its business in Turkey and Pakistan.

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