“Irpin can’t be bought, Irpin fights”: Mayor refuses Russian demand to surrender

Oleksandr Markushyn, the mayor of the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, says he has rejected a demand from Russian forces to surrender the town.

In a Telegram account on Tuesday, Markushyn said he had received a threat on his “life and health and demanding for the complete surrender of Irpin” the previous day.

“I’m surprised that these monsters still haven’t understood — Irpin doesn’t give up, Irpin can’t be bought, Irpin fights!” he said.

“I have a counter-offer to the occupiers to leave [the] Irpin community within 24 hours and save the lives and health of several thousand Russian conscripts, whose mother, sister, daughter, grandmother and partner are waiting for them at home.”

The Russians declared a ceasefire for the Kyiv area on Tuesday. It’s unclear yet whether a cessation of hostilities is being held around the Ukrainian capital.

The UK defense ministry on Monday accused Russian forces of targeting evacuation corridors and killing “several civilians” trying to evacuate Irpin, according to the latest intelligence assessment released publicly by the department.

The ministry noted that due to heavy fighting Irpin has been without heat, water, or electricity for several days.

Eight civilians were killed in the midst of an evacuation of the town, Mayor Markushyn said in a statement on Telegram Sunday.

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