Will This Listing Propel SHIB’s Robinhood Listing By The End Of Q1? SHIB To $0.0004 This Q2?

Will This Listing Propel SHIB’s Robinhood Listing By The End Of Q1? SHIB To $0.0004 This Q2?

The canine coin Shiba Inu price has been making rounds on the web. Following the announcement coming from the CEO of AMC theatres of the firm accepting SHIB. The announcement has influenced the community to seek a listing of SHIB on globally renowned platforms. On the other hand, SHIB in one of its remarkable feats has secured the first position on the security leaderboard. 

Has Shiba Inu Buckled Up For A Vertical Run On The Charts?

 The meme coin Shiba Inu has been engraving a myriad of feats revolving around analytics, utility, and social metrics. In a recent announcement, John Richmond has partnered with Shiba Inu for a rise in the world of fashion. The collaboration will host 10,000 JR x SHIB NFTs, a fashion show in Milan Italy. In addition, to collections in Boutiques worldwide.

Coming to the talk of the town, Adam Aron the CEO of AMC theatres in a social post cites that. AMC IT says BitPay will be live for AMC online payments, on the firm’s website by the 19th of March. However, the payment mode will go live on mobile apps by the 16th of April. The post also cited that possibly a few days earlier. BitPay and therefore soon AMC accepts Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

The announcement around SHIB’s acceptance by AMC theatres. Has led to the community seeking listing and acceptance on renowned global platforms such as Robinhood and eBay. Conversely, an update from DOGGY DAO comes as all transactions have been successfully executed for the top-30 and most voted pairs. 

Successively, a total of 2,303 votes were counted by the autonomous platform. The team brings to notice of the contenders, that interested ones wanting to enter into the rewards for “Woofable pairs”.1. Will still need to stake one’s SSLP, as adding just liquidity would not provide rewards in BONEs. 

Is SHIB Pouncing On Higher Numbers?

  Learning from sources on Certik, a pioneer in blockchain security. ShibaSwap has secured the first position on the security leaderboard, with a Skynet security score of 93 out of 100. The security assessment of ShibaSwap has found a total of 34 findings. The audit that revolves around fundamental protection and assessment has found 14 informational, 11 minor, 1 medium, and 8 major findings out of 34 findings.

The social sentiment distribution over the previous day portrays 76.2% of neutral sentiments. 17.7% of positive sentiments, and 6.11% of negative sentiments. On the other hand, over the past 24-hours, the meme coin has scripted 85.5 T tokens transfers and 9.11k transactions. The total holder’s count is presently at 1,255,789.

SHIB at the time of writing is changing hands at $0.00002668, with gains of 4.45% over the past day. The market cap of SHIB is presently hovering around $14,647,655,195 which is up 4.45%. The volume of trades for 24-hours has risen 15.92% over the previous day, taking the numbers to $19,981,729,160. The meme coin has been trading in the 24-hour frequency from $0.00002554 to $0.00002832.

Summing up, the escalating count of partnerships, listings, acceptance, and not to miss out on healthier on-chain metrics. Have been fueling the momentum of the Doge-killer, which could also be a stimulant in SHIB’s rise to the top-10 crypto’s league. That said, the canine coin would need consistent impetus in its favour for a run on the charts.

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