Is it possible that the price of Ethereum (ETH) will remain under $2,500 until the third quarter of 2022, based on these projections?

Ethereum price

The world of digital coins has been clawed by the bears, which has slashed down the price action of the business. As a result of which, the business has been engulfed by fear, with the measuring index needling down to extreme fear. Consequently, the market capitalization of the crypto-verse has faced the wrath of the bears, shedding off 2.5% in valuation to $1.87 T.

Successively, the turbulence has deterred the pace of Bitcoin and altcoins to an extent. Where the digital assets are now for grabs at historic lows. Talking about the alt which the industry is most concerned about, Ethereum continues to sail through rough winds. With bland price and on-chain analytics. However, Maximalists pin high hopes on Ethereum turning deflationary by Q3.

Will These Metrics Only Rebound  After The Roll-out Of ETH 2.0?

  Ethereum has been raging against the headwinds prevailing from the shortcomings of the network, and the turmoil in market sentiments. Which has been having adverse impacts on the price trajectory and on-chain analytics of the protocol. According to some sources, 280,000 ETH have been sent to exchanges over the past week. Which hints at the selling pressure behind ETH. 

According to sources, the amount of ETH supply last active 3y-5y (1D MA) peaked at an ATH of 21,128,494.287 ETH. While the balance of ETH on exchanges reached a 3-month high of $14,676,761.744 ETH. The total gas usage on the network for (7D MA) just hit a 1-month low of 4,149,268,421.655. Which sheds light on the decrease in activities on the network. 

Successively, the major guzzlers of the gas are Open Sea Sale, Uniswap V3, and ERC-721 transfers. Which incurred charges of $36.6, $23, and $22.6 respectively, however, the least consuming one is the transfer of ETH at $3.7. On the contrary, the number of addresses holding 0.1+ coins hit an ATH of 6,937,986. Which signals at a steady increase in newer investors. 

However, the number of receiving addresses for 7D MA came down to a 6-month low of 12,162. On the other hand, the exchange outflow volume (7D MA) hit a 13-month low of $15,590,434.31. And the number of transfers for 7D MA hit a 4-month low of 23,798.744. The total value in ETH 2.0 deposit contracts has yet again peaked to a new ATH of 9,501,250 ETH. Which shows immense interest around ETH 2.0.

Summing up, the ebbing rate of activities on the network, reduction in gas usage. And an increase in balances on exchanges elaborates the dire need for a resolution to the shortcomings. Moreover, the increasing total value in the ETH 2.0 deposits further justifies the views of proponents. Who opine ETH to go deflationary when ETH 2.0 goes live. That would also give impetus to the metrics and price action of ETH. 

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