Ripple Prepares For Future Ready Technology! Will SEC Review Its Stance Against XRP?

Ripple Prepares For Future Ready Technology! Will SEC Review Its Stance Against XRP?

Ripple’s XRP price appears to be finding the pace with the breakneck speed of the broader crypto space. In the latest run, the protocol has undergone a nice breakout, gaining more than 3% profits in 7 days. Besides, the legal tussle between SEC and Ripple has been distant from glitter and upshot as the governmental agency appears to have no plans to settle the lawsuit anytime soon. 

Yet the cryptocurrency firm was never on break, it was recurrently working on future-ready technologies. The platform has recently taken initiative to encourage the renewable energy sector, notably, Solar and wind projects. In addition, it has also stockpiled $250 million to fortify NFT projects. The latest report coming out of Ripple foundation reveals that the platform has been working on its core vision to offer future-ready finance to consumers by the introduction of Liquidity Hub

Will SEC Review Its Stance About XRPs Use Cases?

The Governmental entity has endlessly argued that XRP has no proper use cases and it is a token with no purpose. Yet the XRP community and fans have outrighted the SECs stand with constant upgrades and considerable gains. On 9th October, Ripple announced that the launch of a new Liquidity hub could renovate the way to HODL, trade, move and manage holdings from distinct liquidity pools. 

The launch has been scheduled for early 2022 as informed by company officials. The theme of the project is to ensure interoperability, by enabling the communication between different crypto coins across the network. The platform has planned to initially support six coins BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH, and XRP. Further, it has a blueprint ready to add more cryptos and plans to introduce staking and yield generating programs. 

Ripple Liquidity HUB + Standard Custody – A Complete Enterprise!

Crypto analyst Anders L opined his view on the latest announcement. Ripple’s liquidity hub together with standard custody would facilitate enterprises a faster and secure platform to source, trade, and move their crypto assets, he added. In response to his tweet community members backed XRP, questioning the SEC to what else it expects from the company. 

The majority of the community has been arguing that Ripple is striving hard to offer the best financial services to consumers. Therefore, the SEC should review its stance against the lawsuit to avoid humiliation. On the other hand, an analystbelieves that the latest integration would pump in more liquidity in XRP, making it the better option for investment.