XRP Price Eyeing 55% Upswing! Altcoin to hit $1.35 in Near Term

XRP Price Eyeing 55% Upswing! Altcoin to hit $1.35 in Near Term

BTC began October with a price of $43,000 and has since risen to a high of $62,994. XRP, on the other hand, began the month at a low of 0.95 and is now trading at $1.09. 

XRP is currently trading at $1.09 at the time of writing this Ripple price research. Support for XRP on the downside is $1 and $0.85, while resistance for the cryptocurrency on the upside is $1.10 and $1.20. 

The bulls appear to have regained control of XRP, which is steadily gaining. If the current momentum continues, XRP prices will most likely rise 15% to $1.27.

XRP price is currently trading above $1.09, indicating that buyers have returned to the market and are eager to reinvest. If the present upswing continues, the altcoin will likely reach $1.27 per token, a 15% gain from current levels. 

Analyst Predict XRP Price to Hit $20 or $30

As two low-cap altcoins carve out their bottoms, according to a widely respected crypto strategist and trader, XRP is poised for a likely 50% gain. 

Credible, a pseudonymous crypto expert, informs his 249,100 followers that despite momentarily trading below his $0.90 support level, XRP has recovered a crucial price level and is now positioned to surge to a new higher high.

“And Here’s One For My ZERPS! We Deviated Below The Range Rather Than Pushing Up But Now We Have Reclaimed It, So I Am Once Again Targeting The Highs At $1.35 And Beyond! XRP.”

Credible is referring to a tweet from September in which he charted XRP’s rise from a low of $0.90 to a high of $1.70. If XRP follows Credible’s script, the altcoin may see a 55% increase in value from its current price of $1.09. 

In terms of the crypto analyst’s long-term price prediction for the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, he expects XRP will soar to between $20 and $30 during the current bull cycle.

Original Source :coinpedia.org

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