Over 1M People Have Signed up for Coinbase NFT Marketplace

Over 1M People Have Signed up for Coinbase NFT Marketplace

CEO Brian Armstrong has just tweeted that more than 1 million people have signed up for their upcoming Coinbase NFT marketplace launch. This news came a day after the company announced that it is yet to launch its own NFT marketplace.

In detail, people registered to the Coinbase NFT program directly through the event’s waitlist. Specifically, the waitlist provides early access to everyone showing an interest to join. Also, upon joining the waitlist, one can proceed to share a referral link.

Additionally, users level up whenever they get early access to the Coinbase NFT waitlist by referring others. In other words, the more people one refers to, the higher up in line they go.

To mention a few, @pplpleasr1, @Ghxsts, @madebymetsa, and @ponderware, are among the 1 million people who have currently signed up to the Coinbase NFT waitlist. In brief, once the Coinbase NFT marketplace becomes available, users can mint, purchase, and interact with various digital collectibles.

At the moment, there is no official launch date set. Until then, the only news we have is that the team is hard at work to launch the Coinbase NFT marketplace, perhaps, later this year.

One thing is for certain when the time does come, Coinbase will be one of the biggest crypto exchanges to have finally joined in on the NFT hype. No doubt, the NFT market has shot up significantly this year.

Most analysts predict that the market will boom even further in the coming months. Besides, it is not only NFTs that is expected to boom, but also, Bitcoin and altcoins as well.  

Original Source :coinquora.com

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