Google Partners With Bakkt to Bring Google Pay to Crypto Users

Google Partners With Bakkt

Google has partnered with popular digital asset marketplace, Bakkt in a bid to increase the latter’s cryptocurrency payment options. In the ever growing quest of Bakkt in looking for ways to expand its users’ options for the use of cryptocurrency, it has entered into another partnership yet again, and this time, it’s with Google Cloud.

With this move, Bakkt users will be able to add their Bakkt Visa Debit Card directly into Google Pay. And yes, very soon.

Google Pay To Support The Bakkt Card

According to a press release by BusinessWire, users will soon be able to spend the crypto funds in their Bakkt Cards, directly from inside Google Pay. This follows after Bakkt released its Visa Debit Card earlier in the year, and now customers can make their transactions using digital assets wherever Google Pay is supported.

While at it, the process will automatically convert the crypto into fiat currency before finally arriving in the recipient’s account. And by that, digital assets can now be used to effectively make both in-store and online payments for your everyday products.

Bakkt will also be using Google Cloud as cloud provider.

In addition, Bakkt will be hoping to take full advantage of the cloud’s tools to introduce Artificial Intelligence AI, new analytics, and machine learning tools onto its platform. Meaning that, Bakkt consumers can leverage these analytics as a loyalty redemption option. Not only that, company partners can use the tools to identify significant consumer behavior patterns.

To be candid enough, the benefits of this partnership has no limits for Bakkt especially. The major importance being that Google will be helping to market its services to leading US merchants and retailers.

Gavin Michael, the CEO of Bakkt has also weighed in on the just concluded partnership. He claims that the partnership is only an indication of the company’s progress and success story. Michael also added that the partnership is a confirmation of how far Bakkt has come as a digital asset marketplace and believes the company’s strong position is already established. Lastly, he noted that in partnering with Google Cloud, the company will be looking to build on the momentum, even as it continues to build a top-of-the-class, innovative platform that will undoubtedly be able to serve the needs of millions of users.

Bakkt’s Expansion Spree Revealed By Google Partnership

The recent partnership with Google is not Bakkt’s first attempt at expansion. In fact, it’s just one of the many attempts of the company to expand cryptocurrency use-cases in the US. Recall that in August, the company partnered with Quiznos to launch a Bitcoin payment pilot at a particular Quiznos stores in Denver.

The organization also collaborated with Starbucks at a point, following the launch of the Bitcoin app in April. Google Cloud has been providing support as well. And there’s also the recent partnership with Dapper Labs– creators of the Top Shot NFT marketplace to help scale the latter’s blockchain.

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