Shiba Inu Price Surges to Over +50%, Next Stop +100% Gain

Shiba Inu Price Surges to Over +50%, Next Stop +100% Gain

The crypto market never fails to surprise its traders and investors in the network. This time, SHIBA INU (SHIB) also known as the ‘DOGE Killer’ is now back and is on fire. In detail, the crypto successfully achieved a growth rate of over +50% in the past 24 hours. Truly, this aggressive movement made by the crypto attracts the attention of investors worldwide.

In the past month, SHIB has been one of the digital assets that has taken the crypto world by storm. As a result, the crypto was able to climb as one of the top 50 crypto assets in CoinGecko. Furthermore, this reputation made by SHIB set crypto as one of the favorite digital assets in the crypto market.

Recently, the country of Venezuela has 50 stores that accept SHIB crypto as their mode of payment. This news is based on the Twitter content posted by Shiba Inu Venezuela on their official Twitter account.

The tweet gathered almost over a thousand likes. Furthermore, this tweet announcement made by Shiba Inu Venezuela can also be considered as one of the reasons why SHIB boosted its price value. Today, SHIB crypto trades at a high price of $0.00001273 with over $5 billion in trading volume. If this bullish run keeps on, it may reach a growth rate of 100% or more in no time.

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