President Biden Is Ready for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

President Biden Is Ready for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

US President — Joe Biden, is bringing together 30 countries to cease the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. He made a statement on the matter in lieu of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

In detail, the statement specifies that the United States will partner and work closely with nations around the world. Together they aim to respond to the call of cybersecurity threats within the crypto space.

To add on, the nations working closely include the US’s NATO allies as well as its G7 partners. The partnership will accelerate cooperation in fighting cybercrime, tracking illicit use of cryptos, and improving law enforcement collaboration. In addition, it will also elevate resolving cybercrime diplomatically.

The statement goes on to mention the need for partnership from every American as well as American company efforts. Biden highlights the importance of ‘locking one’s digital doors’. He says by encrypting data along with multi-factor authentication, we can build technology that will be secure by design.

To emphasize, he believes this will enable consumers to comprehend the risks that can come along with the technology they buy. Above all, Biden states that he is fully committed to fortifying America’s cybersecurity.

In fact, he will do so by leveraging stronger critical infrastructure against cyberattacks and by disrupting ransomware networks. The partnership will also enable establishing and promoting clear rules for all within cyberspace. Altogether, these moves will ensure accountability to those who threaten security.    

President Biden and his administration have always made clear their intention to fight ransomware. Not so long ago, Biden even met with Russia’s President — Vladimir Putin. Here, he expressed his concern over the rising ransomware attacks on US companies. Thus, it is no surprise that Biden and his team are working towards countering ransomware.

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