157.7 Million XRP Pushed Between Large Crypto Platforms

157.7 Million XRP Pushed Between Large Crypto Platforms

As per recent analytics data, almost 158 million XRP coins have been wired recently by top-tier digital exchanges

The Whale Alert team has tweeted that, in the past nine hours, three substantial crypto transactions were conducted, carrying a total amount of 157.7 million XRP tokens.

That is equal to $147,334,103 in fiat at the current price of the sixth-largest cryptocurrency: $0.9453.

Binance, Huobi, Bitstamp shift 158 million XRP

According to data shared by the Whale Alert platform and extra details added by Bithomp’s XRP-data platform, over the past nine hours, three massive cryptocurrency transactions have been made, carrying 20,215,222 XRP, 60,000,000 XRP and 77,516,150 XRP.

Binance received 77.5 million XRP from Bybit and sent 60 million XRP to Huobi. As for the 20.2 million XRP, this sum of crypto was shifted from Bitstamp to BitGo—the second-largest crypto custody platform bought by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital crypto fund earlier this year.

Image via Whale Alert

100 million XRP to be sent by Ripple to China in small bits

As reported by U.Today on Wednesday, Ripple blockchain behemoth wired an astounding 100 million XRP to one of its extra XRP wallets. Later on, this massive amount of crypto will be split into smaller lumps and transferred to the Huobi exchange.

So far, from this 100 million XRP, over three million coins have been sent to the largest exchange in the Chinese crypto market. A total of 1,542,780 were sent to Huobi on Wednesday and today as well.

These daily transactions from Ripple to Huobi have been going on throughout 2021 with the daily amount of XRP moved to the Chinese platform changing every week.

This week (of Sept. 26), the aforementioned amount has been moved. The week before that, Ripple sent to Huobi 3,099,200 XRP per day.

Original Source :u.today

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