ADA Price Is All Set To Explode! Cardano’s Next Target Set At $47 By 2021!!


Despite Chinese manipulation to collapse the entire crypto space, the investors are nowhere concerned! The ongoing buzz in the market is Cardano and its groundbreaking partnerships to take the crypto industry to the mainstream. Hence, the Cardano ecosystem officially now has its presence in HealthcareTelecomArtificial Intelligence and many other mainstream platforms. 

Cardano enters the healthcare industry, the AI robot developed by Awakening Health will diagnose the problems and interact with patients empathetically. And can speak Korean and English language. This can help counter crises in the medical sector. Also, the Cardano ecosystem has made a significant effort to step into the Telecom industry too by partnering with Fortune 250 company Dish network.

After Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork launch on 12th September 2021, the platform urged the community members to have sensible expectations. The ecosystem is patiently working from roots keeping in mind the long term profits, the recent collabs are the proof. So, how and when these efforts could take the ADA price to reach new milestones?  Let’s discover!

Cardano (ADA) Price to Go For $47 By the Year-End!!

Despite the recent bear market, Cardano price remained almost stagnant holding tight to its support levels between $1.90 to $2.40. The next major resistance level for this asset lies above $3

Popular Crypto analyst Altcoin Gordon made bullish predictions for Cardano. According to him, Cardano price has the strong potential to hit $47 by the year’s end. Further ending his tweet he asked followers to opine on his set target. In response to his tweet, the crowd sentiment was pretty positive as they are patiently waiting for the huge breakthrough for ADA price

Analyst Say Bitcoin Price to Skyrocket and Other Altcoins to Follow!!

It seems the Chinese attempt to collapse the crypto market affected Bitcoin and other altcoins. Currently, the Bitcoin price is trading at $42,356. The most valued crypto asset has its next major resistance level near $43,100. And currently,  Ethereum price is attempting hard to break the major resistance level near $3,100. Despite the bearish market, the COTI price is trading at $0.6065 up by 19.1% in the last 24 hours.

As per analyst Altcoin Gordon, Bitcoin price could reach $98,750 by the end of the year. And he predict Ethereum price could trade anywhere between $8,500 and $9,250 by late 2021.

The analyst further added,  COTI price will boom to $1.75 and the LINK price has the strong potential to hit $96 by the end of 2021.

Collectively, with the recent dip in Cardano’s price, it is attempting hard to bounce. The community is waiting patiently. The network’s efforts to build strong fundamentals and collaborations to reach out to the mainstream might sturdily impact ADA price.

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