XRP-Centric Bitrue Opens Songbird Deposits, Teases 20,000 SGB Promo

XRP-Centric Bitrue Opens Songbird Deposits, Teases 20,000 SGB Promo

Bitrue (BTR), an XRP-focused cryptocurrencies exchange, shares the details of SGB listing and trading

SGB is a core native utility and governance token of Songbird, a “canary network” for Flare (FLR) blockchain. Bitrue (BTR) becomes the first platform to list SGB and allow trading of this coin.

Bitrue welcomes Songbird (SGB) by Flare

According to the official announcement shared in Bitrue’s social media channels and official blog, it has opened deposits for Songbird’s SGB tokens.

Starting from Sept. 23, all FLR supporters who received SGB via airdrop can deposit them to their Bitrue (BTR) accounts. Trading and withdrawals will be enabled on Sept. 27.

SGB will be available in both XRP and U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) pairs.

As covered by U.Today previously, SGB tokens were distributed to the participants of the FLR airdrop on Sept. 17. Songbird (SGB) network, therefore, launched in observation mode for stress tests of its design.

20,000 SGB to be distributed between “early birds”

In order to incentivize SGB/XRP and SGB/USDT trading, the Bitrue (BTR) team has launched a massive promotional campaign. The first 400 users to deposit SGB to Bitrue will share a 20,000 SGB prize pool.

In order to be eligible for the promo, SGB holders need to deposit a minimum of 50 SGB. The deposit should be confirmed before the end of Sept. 2021.

Songbird is a “canary network” of Flare designed to emulate all financial designs possible on the main chain. Unlike testnets, its SGB tokens were distributed not via faucets but through an airdrop.

Original Source :u.today

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