Huge Targets For XRP! Is XRP Price Poised to $2-$5 In 10 Days ?

Huge Targets For XRP! Is XRP Price Poised to $2-$5 In 10 Days ?

Altcoins have been a driving force behind the total cryptocurrency market rise, which has already surpassed $2 trillion. Despite the price changes, the XRP is still being impacted by a lawsuit filed by the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

The price of ripple has risen significantly in recent weeks. The XRP/USD pair has broken through the critical $1.00 resistance zone and is now trading in a positive zone. At the time of writing XRP is trading at $1.23.

The buying tendency is on, and the bullish tide is on, at this rate. The XRP price continued to surge above the $1.20 mark after breaking above the $1.15 obstacle.

The bulls managed to reestablish the summer high of $1.35 at the end of previous week. It’s now consolidating its gains and trading comfortably above the $1.25 support level.

Near $1.20, the primary breakdown support is emerging. Although the $1.40 level is critical, if the pair can acquire a foothold above it this week, a retest of the $1.50 resistance level is possible.

As on-chain data provider Santiment reports, the XRP price rally comes on the backdrop of high on-chain development activity.

Although it is impossible to anticipate how the XRP price will change in the future, experts and investors have made predictions anyhow. 

At the end of the current bull run, analysts and popular traders are forecasting the next levels for XRP. Credible Crypto, an analyst, has projected a tremendous rally for XRP, with a goal range of $20 to $30.

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