Airdrop Incoming: XRP Holders To Get Free Tokens for Flare’s New ‘Canary’ Network

Airdrop Incoming: XRP Holders To Get Free Tokens for Flare’s New ‘Canary’ Network

Flare Network says it’s giving XRP holders an additional airdrop – and this one is around the corner.

Hugo Philion, co-founder and chief executive of Flare, says the company plans to release a network called Songbird in the next six weeks.

The protocol is designed to be a “canary network” that’s used as a testing ground for developers. It will be an operational blockchain with a fixed token supply of the native token Songbird (SGB).

SGB will be distributed to the same XRP holders who will receive the Spark (FLR) token, based on a snapshot of the network taken late last year.

Philion is issuing a “chaos warning” regarding the SGB airdrop.

“Songbird should not be considered a production ready network. It is for testing of the integrity of the proposed production network (Flare), proposed governance updates over time, the Flare core protocols and dApps launching on Flare. The Flare team makes no promise to continue support or development of Songbird in the future.

The team at Flare and likely the various teams testing their dApps on Songbird will be actively trying to find and exploit bugs and other issues and break the network. Please therefore be aware that Songbird comes with a potential for loss of liveness, token loss and risk that is potentially greater than main net deployments.”

Flare Network, with its native FLR token, aims to bring smart contract capabilities to various blockchain networks, starting with XRP and then Litecoin (LTC).

According to the CEO, Songbird will continue to exist as a test network for Flare, even after Flare’s full network is rolled out.

“Innovations and new dApp launches will happen first on Songbird and then may be rolled out on Flare after testing. This makes Songbird its own type of network which may be useful, in isolation, to applications that do not need the intended stability of Flare, but which wish to enjoy the core Flare protocols and potentially more advanced features that Songbird may offer ahead of Flare.”

Philion says Flare will launch after all systems on Songbird have been tested. The current final security audit is scheduled to finish at the end of September, according to the CEO.

Flare says that once the network goes live each eligible holder will immediately receive 15% of their claimable Spark tokens, and then claim an average of 3% per month, carrying on for a minimum of 25 months and a maximum of 34 months.

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