Ripple Hires Ex-Mastercard High-Profile Exec to Expand RippleNet Adoption in Europe

Ripple Hires Ex-Mastercard High-Profile Exec to Expand RippleNet Adoption in Europe

Ripple giant welcomes a high profile executive from Mastercard as Managing Director of its business in Europe

In its recent blog post, Ripple blockchain decacorn spreads the word that it has hired Sendi Young, a Harvard Business School alumnus, former high profile employee of Mastercard who spent over fifteen years in fintech business, according to her tweet.

Young will now head the expansion of Ripple’s business in Europe.

New chief will lead European expansion of RippleNet

Sendi Young has joined Ripple as Managing Director of European Operations to help the company expand its global financial network RippleNet in that region.

Young has dedicated almost twenty years to the sphere of fintech, consulting and payments, has spent five years working for Mastercard, helping the fintech giant to develop strategies, land new partnerships with banks and payment firms and was in charge of business development overall.

In particular, during her time with Mastercard, she worked to improve services that helped banks switch to real-time payments, Open Banking and AI.

Now, she intends to help Ripple expand its business and its customer network in Europe in a similar way.

Sendi Young has become a crypto believer, since her extensive experience with banks and the traditional financial system has led her to believe that banking infrastructure is preventing global “frictionless value exchange across borders and inclusion”.

She is certain that crypto and blockchain technology will be a global game-changer that will help the current financial system to take a big step forward.

“These technologies can make the global financial system fairer, more inclusive and more transparent – this is just the beginning of what’s possible and I’m excited to be joining such a talented and passionate team and a company that is at the forefront of this step-change.”

ODL transaction volume in Europe shows 250% growth

The blog post also says that recently, Ripple has witnessed a major increase in customers and transaction volume in Europe.

The EU is a major market for Ripple with a quarter of clients based in that region. Since the start of 2021, the overall ODL transaction volume in Europe has surged a whopping 250 percent compared to last year.

That’s over 40 percent of all ODL transactions year-to-date. The list of Europe-based Ripple clients that utilize ODL includes Paydek, Lemonway, Xbaht, MoneyNetint, etc.

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