Twitter CEO Unfollows Senator Elizabeth Warren Following Her Anti-Bitcoin Rant

Twitter CEO Unfollows Senator Elizabeth Warren Following Her Anti-Bitcoin Rant

Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren have one thing in common: both of them are now hated by Bitcoiners

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has unfollowed Elizabeth Warren just hours after she trashed Bitcoin during a June 9 Senate hearing that was focused on central bank digital currencies.

In her opening remarks, the Massachusetts senator described the largest cryptocurrency as a “lousy investment” and “a haven for illegal activity.”  

Warren also called for a clampdown on “environmentally wasteful” Bitcoin mining, claiming that it’s a “disaster” for the planet.   

One bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of electricity as the typical household uses in a month.

Speaking of Bitcoin’s volatile prices wings, she said that it is “a terrible currency”: 

These wild swings in value mean that Bitcoin is a terrible currency.

In sharp contrast to Warren’s recent comments, Texas senator Ted Cruz recently said that Bitcoin has “a lot of potential.”

Dorsey, a long-time Bitcoin proponent, claimed that he would be willing to leave his companies to work on the largest cryptocurrency: 

I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on.

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