Bitcoiner Michael Saylor’s Net Worth Now Higher Than Peter Schiff’s – $2 Billion Vs $70 Million

Bitcoiner Michael Saylor’s Net Worth Now Higher Than Peter Schiff’s - $2 Billion Vs $70 Million

Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff has tweeted that Michael Saylor’s net worth is now higher than his, but it may be not for long, Schiff adds

Prominent Bitcoin opponent, fund manager and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, who prefers gold as a store of value, has taken to Twitter to share that Michael Saylor’s net worth has exceeded his.

Saylor is a Bitcoin evangelist and the CEO of MicroStrategy, the first publicly traded company that put Bitcoin on its balance sheet in August 2020 and keeps doing it this year as well.

It is not the only metric that Saylor has recently surpasses Schiff by.

$2 billion versus $70 million. Michael Saylor

According to the data from Forbes, the net worth of Michael Saylor in 2021 constitutes a whopping $2 billion (as of June 5).

At the moment Saylor holds position 4 on the Forbes’ Crypto Rich List 2021 and spot 1,362 on the Billionaires 2021 list.

Michael Saylor was a billionaire already back in the late 1990s due to the success of MicroStrategy and his stake in the company, he is one of the best-known business executives who made a fortune thanks to the Internet bubble.

He lost his billionaire status later on, though but reinstated it thanks to buying 17,732 Bitcoins (a personal purchase) in October last year with approximately $175 million, according to the Forbes data.

Back in October 2020, the flagship cryptocurrency was trading in the $10,000 zone and rose to $15,000 by November.

Gold bug Peter Schiff’s net worth

As for Peter Schiff, various online sources say that in early 2021, his net worth equaled $150 million but it has now dropped to $70 million.

Peter Schiff makes a bet not on Bitcoin, but gold. This year, XAU reached a peak of $1,954 on January 5 and then plunged to $1,678 on March 8 and then again dropped to $1,686 on March 30 after a brief rise.

On June 4, the gold price closed at $1,837 per ounce.

The Euro Pacific Capital CEO, though, believes that this big gap between Saylor and himself may not last long. “Bitcoin fixes this”, he jokes, hinting that if Bitcoin continues to depreciate, Saylor’s net worth may shrink substantially.

Earlier, U.Today also reported that Saylor’s number of Twitter followers exceeded 1 million (1.1 million at the moment), while Schiff had around 500,000 of them (511.1K at the time of writing).

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