Grow House NFT game lets you earn cryptocurrencies while growing cannabis

Grow House NFT game lets you earn cryptocurrencies while growing cannabis

• Grow House is the only NFT game that links cannabis to cryptocurrencies.
• Grow House goes live on the 1st of June.

Grow House has created the first online metaverse for all cannabis and cryptocurrency lovers. The NFT game has been a trend since its launch because it features a unique virtual reality scheme. This company is a veteran in games within the Blockchain space, but this time has included Cannabis as a novel idea.

The decentralized cannabis game focuses on educating and making users have fun with cryptocurrencies. Grow House presents a virtual world like Farmvill, where users cultivate and grow with digital Cannabis.

NFT game start

Grow House would go live with on the 1st of June at 1:00 p.m, trading on BSCPad, Pancakeswap, and ZeroGravity. The game has had a pre-release where it could sell its entire round of private seeds for enthusiasts.

This includes partners like Polygon, Aave, Tether, Zokyo, Souljaboy, Specter, Dextools, and others. Other Grow House investors include Juicy Fields, 0.Exchange, IDO Booster, and MYNT.

The NFT game is based on MATIC, which has solved the problems involving Ethereum technology in speed and value. The game has been in development for over 12 months, but it is only a few days before it is released.

Independent social media editor for @Hightimes, @Money, and @Marijuana, Brandon Hampton, is the video game director. Hampton has devoted a lot of time and resources to the video game to ensure it is a success.

What is it about?

Grow House is very similar to Farmville, but users can grow digital Cannabis instead of fruits and vegetables. Users can earn special $GROW tokens, take NFT, and learn a little more about cannabis farming. The NFT game has the right support for mass adoption at launch and the potential for users to make money.

People can grow NFT cannabis flowers within the video game, earn the tokens, and use them to beautify the farm. Users can also seed cryptocurrencies to earn reward points. If you join the game, you can sow alone or in a company to grow faster.

With the pre-launch, the NFT game had a good reception. When the user has his plot, he can start the game by sowing the Cannabis flowers and helping other people to water their plants. If you water your neighbor’s plants in Grow House, you can earn “seed seeds” to save and then use ib the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

All the points that the user earns in the game can renew their farm, buy objects, seeds, and do other interesting things. You can form cooperative teams to manage the NFT farms and make sure you are getting rewarded. It is a fairly interactive game with which would keep players entertained.

Grow House has many sponsors on its side, but one of the most significant is Juicy Fields. The game could have other new features after its launch, which the creators have said to be looking forward to.

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