XRP Holders’ Petition to Investigate Jay Clayton Obtains Required Number of Signatures

XRP Holders' Petition to Investigate Jay Clayton Obtains Required Number of Signatures

Crypto & Policy founder Thomas Hodge will now submit the petition to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler

XRP holders’ Change.org petition that urges the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to drop the Ripple lawsuit and investigate its former boss has obtained 30,000 signatures.

Crypto & Policy founder Thomas Hodge writes that he will now be sent to SEC Chair Gary Gensler:

I am closing the petition and preparing the final document with all the signatories to electronically submit to SEC Chairman Gensler later today.

As reported by U.Today, the petition—which accuses the regulator of waging a war against XRP owners—was created in April.

It pushes a conspiracy theory about ex-SEC Chair Jay Clayton and former high-ranking SEC attorney William Hinman taking Ripple to court because of potential conflicts of interest.

Last month, attorney John Deaton also filed a motion to intervene on behalf of XRP holders, which has been contested by the SEC.

Original Source : u.today

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