Elon Musk’s Tesla/Solar City May Enter “Super Clean” Bitcoin Mining Next Year: Anthony Scaramucci

Elon Musk’s Tesla/Solar City May Enter “Super Clean” Bitcoin Mining Next Year: Anthony Scaramucci

SkyBridge founder and CEO bets 500K Sats oin Elon Musk becoming “a disrupter in the Bitcoin mining industry” and Tesla entering “super clean” BTC mining next year

SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci, whose company runs its own Bitcoin fund, has taken to Twitter to comment on the recent move of Elon Musk as the latter announced Tesla backing out of Bitcoin payments.

However, Scaramucci reckons there’s a smart move of Elon Musk to call for eco-friendly Bitcoin mining behind this.

SkyBridge Capital CEO bets 500K Sats on Elon Musk

Scaramucci has tweeted that he is willing to wager 500,000 Satoshis (a “whopping” $251) on Elon Musk’s tweet proving to be the intention of the latter to reform the Bitcoin mining industry and push to being a hundred percent eco-friendly and renewable.

The SkyBridge CEO believes in high chances of Musk’s Tesla or the Solar City becoming a “disruptor in the Bitcoin mining industry” next year, announcing “super clean Bitcoin mining”.

Overall, Scaramucci reckons this tweet of Musk that has disrupted the cryptocommunity is a campaign to promote the use of clean energy by BTC miners. Apparenly, Tesla CEO simply wants to accelerate the coming of overall use of renewable energy sources, starting from cryptocurrency mining.

Will Elon Musk opt for ETH or XRP for Tesla?

As reported by U.Today earlier, attorney John Deaton from the XRP community believes that by posting his “anti-Bitcoin” tweet, Musk has made the best advertising campaign for Ripple-affiliated XRP.

The XRP army has always bet on XRP being a clean coin since it does not use the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm.

One of active XRP fans, 1CrypticPoet, has assumed that instead of Bitcoin, Elon Musk might want to adopt either XRP or Ethereum for Tesla payments as in the tweet he promised that the company will be looking into other cryptocurrencies.

Besides, Musk was noticed to show interest to the second biggest cryptocurrency back in 2019. As for an alternative, he has recently run a Twitter poll, asking his followers whether Tesla should start accepting his favourite Dogecoin.

However, as some Twitter users pointed out to Musk in comments, DOGE also used Proof-of-Work for mining. So does Ethereum, however, the second biggest blockchain intends to switch to Proff-of-Stake once ETH 2.0 is fully rolled out.

Original Source : u.today

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