XRP Ledger Gets Huge Efficiency Boost with Release of New Version

XRP Ledger Gets Huge Efficiency Boost with Release of New Version

The most recent version of the XRP Ledger reduces memory usage by 50 percent

RippleX has announced the release of version 1.7 of the XRP Ledger in a Feb. 24 blog post. The new implementation provides a significant boost to the software’s efficiency. On top of that, it makes the network more secure and decentralized.   

The latest version reduces memory usage by a whopping 50 percent because of a slew of improvements that are partially attributed to Ripple CTO David Schwartz. Initially, Schwartz conducted a test of the new release back in December, revealing his findings on Twitter:    

Now that that version 1.7 has been released, Schwartz says that the whole ecosystem will benefit:    

Ultimately, v1.7 makes better use of available system resources. By boosting efficiency, the whole XRPL ecosystem benefits and can more easily operate the software to build directly on the Ledger.

An “evolving” list of validators

Enhancements, such as today’s improvements to memory usage, are key to growth and innovation on the Ledger. We look forward to supporting the wider ecosystem, including the superb code development by the RippleX team.

Future initiatives include creating an “evolving list” of validator nodes.

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