CNBC Has Banned Him from Their Air on Bitcoin, Peter Schiff Claims

CNBC Has Banned Him from Their Air on Bitcoin, Peter Schiff Claims

Prominent Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff has complained that CNBC have built their Bitcoin article on Elon Musk’s tweet but have omitted Schiff’s name from that thread

Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has tweeted that in their recent article on Bitcoin, CNBC have avoided using his name.

The basis of the article was Elon Musk’s response to Schiff’s tweet, in which Tesla CEO stated that “BTC and ETH do seem high”. This tweet came out on February 20.

Following that tweet, on February 22, Bitcoin collapsed from the $56,000 zone to the $44,800 level briefly and then started to recover.

The factor that pushed Bitcoin down

The world’s flagship cryptocurrency started a sharp correction after the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen referred to Bitcoin as an “inefficient way to conduct transactions”.

Bitcoin dropped, Ethereum followed, dropping from its recent $2,000 down to the $1,400 area (it has recovered to the $1,600 zone by now).

Peter Schiff claims CNBC ignores him as a Bitcoin critic

On his Twitter page, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, gold bug and a rigorous Bitcoin hater has complained that CNBC did not mention his name in the article and stated that CNBC has banned him from their air when they talk about Bitcoin.

What’s more, they don’t even acknowledge his existence, as Schiff put it.

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Peter Schiff tweeted that Elon Musk allegedly believes that fiat and Bitcoin are both rubbish, but BTC is simple a “less dumb form of liquidity than cash”.

In response, Tesla and SpaceX CEO stated that Peter Schiff might as well hold crypto, trolling him.

In the same thread, Musk wrote that Bitcoin and Ethereum do seem high, making the basis for the CNBC story.

Schiff’s middle name to eggplant emoji because of Elon Musk

Earlier this week, Peter Schiff tweeted that Tesla’s shares have been down substantially after the company announced its $1.5 billion bet on Bitcoin.

In response Musk sent Peter Schiff an eggplant emoji, hinting that he should mind his own business. However, head of Binance shared a popular interpretation of eggplant to do with things usually associated with Pornhub and its public workers.

Now, Schiff has added this emoji to his Twitter name, saying that it is “courtesy of Elon Musk”.

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