Managing Director of Valhil Capital expects XRP price to skyrocket soon

XRP price to skyrocket soon

Jimmy Vallee, Managing Director of Valhil Capital recently spoke regarding XRP price in an online interview.

During interview Mr. Vallee mentions that the only thing holding down XRP price from soaring is the regulatory hurdle that they are facing right now, However he continues to explain, that because of the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in the recent weeks + the need of further adoption of XRP will lead S.E.C and Ripple to an agreement.

As soon as the  legal issues are over, he predicts that price of XRP will right away soar to at least $10 maybe even $20.

However, Director of Valhill Capital is even more bullish regarding Ripple in the long run.  He speaks about possibility of massive adoption of XRP by banking system for the international transfers. If this prediction comes true, XRP might be used to move Trillions of dollars between huge financial institutions on daily basis, which means, that Price of 1 coin could be even reaching thousands of dollars.

XRP has already started it’s bullish run. Price of XRP has already soared almost 30% in the last 5 days and it seems like this might be just the beginning.

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