IOTA and Dell Giant to Demonstrate Project Alvarium on February 24


IOTA has joined forces with Dell Technologies and Intel to demonstrate project Alvarium for measuring the trustworthiness of data

According to a recent blog post, IOTA Foundation, together with Dell Technologies, is about to perform the first-ever demonstration of the Alvarium project.

It enables users to evaluate the trustworthiness of data.

Project Alvarium checks data before apps start using it

The project is targeted at applications that utilize large volumes of data and allow them to ensure it is trustworthy and safe to use.

The project started two years ago when, in 2019, Dell Technologies created a project called Data Confident Fabric. Later on, a DCF was re-engineered with the help of the IOTA Streams framework, which added the necessary security and scalability to it in order to guarantee trust in the data.

The demonstration of IOTA Tangle-based project Alvarium by IOTA and Dell is to allow initial integration of it into hardware and software for companies that need a high level of compliance and supervision or in an industry with high regulatory demands.

A real-life situation in which Alvarium could be used is the global pandemic that has now spread around the world and caused multiple lockdowns last year.

Dell and IOTA Foundation have also teamed up with Intel to demonstrate this project. Alvarium’s operation will be demonstrated on Feb. 24 at 11 a.m. EST during a public webinar.

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