Flare “XRPL Fork” to Be Supported by First Hardware Wallet

D’CENT hardware wallet was among the first to support the airdrop of Spark (FLR) tokens to XRP holders. Now it announces support for Flare testnet Coston and Flare-based applications.

Flare is welcome on D’CENT

Minho Yoo, cofounder and chief strategist of D’CENT hardware cryptocurrency wallet, has shared plans to support Flare blockchain natively. In particular, the testnet faucet for Flare’s Coston sandbox environment will be added to D’CENT’s mobile application.

The new feature can be activated both on the hardware wallet and in “App Wallet” mode without a connection to a D’CENT device.

Therefore, D’CENT will be useful for Flare enthusiasts to try its main features in testnet mode.

Furthermore, Mr. Minho Yoo shared screenshots of how his wallet worlks with Flare Finance, a first-ever DeFi on Flare.

D’CENT wallet will also support the first Flare network Explorer, Flarescan. Just like existing blockchain explorers, it displays the data in transactions, blocks and accounts.

First mainnet, then DFLR airdrop

To be clear, D’CENT wallet’s team highlighted that the creation of Flare accounts will be available only when its mainnet launches. According to a recent interview with Flare Networks CEO Hugo Philion, this event may follow as soon as May 2021.

Then, an airdrop of DFLR tokens announced by Flare Finance will take place. All Flare Finance users onboarded by D’CENT will be eligible for it.

Flare is a programmatic Ethereum-compatible, Turing-complete blockchain that marries XRP Ledger instruments with smart contracts. It will be built around Avalanche consensus and BFT technology.

Flare Finance is a pioneering DeFi on Flare. Like all red-hot Ethereum DeFis, it will have a stablecoin environment, DEX, yield farming tools and so on.

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