Is Ripple CEO artificially trying to pump The XRP price?!

Chris Larsen and Coinbase Move Whopping 520 Million XRP from Ripple. Recent data shows that over half a billion XRP has been transferred by Ripple along with its co-founder and the biggest US-based Coinbase exchange.

A colossal sum of XRP of over half a billion coins has been moved, according to the data posted on twitter by the Whale Alert cryptocurrency tracker.

Ripple, its co-founder and executive director, and trading giant Coinbase, operated this huge amount in many transactions. Curiously, the SEC has sued all three of the participants over XRP sales.

XRP has managed to rebound above the $0.30 price mark, despite the recent wave of delistings revealed by various crypto exchanges, including major platforms, such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance US, Bitstamp, etc. This kink of price surge is unusual, and it might be due to the up-mentioned transactions which some Twitter users are even calling Buybacks.

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