Ripple: XRP May Support CBDC Direct Exchange

Ripple released a report on the development of the CBDC industry, noting that XRP can serve as an intermediate currency between stablecoins.

Ripple has released a report on the evolution of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), believing XRP could lend support to these bank-issued stablecoins to serve as an intermediate currency for them. In her article, Ripple highlighted its vision that CBDCs will play a vital role in transactional payments in the future, believing that 2021 will be a key year for that.

Ripple believes that to get the most out of CBDCs, most of the world’s central banks (around 80 percent) need to engage on this critical issue and use open standards and neutral bridge assets to ensure high speed, low transaction fees, and scalability. Neutral Bridging Assets will allow value to move seamlessly between different CBDCs without requiring each to address the liquidity problems inherent in cross-border transactions.

Here, Ripple reminds its supporters of its on-demand liquidity system, which can use XRP for real-time transactions as an intermediate currency. In the material, XRP is called the ideal tool for tying two different currencies more efficiently and better than other coins:

Ripple XRP is faster, cheaper, and more scalable than any other digital asset, making it an ideal tool for combining two different currencies quickly and efficiently. This solution can also support direct CBDC exchange.

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