Redditor Goes Viral After Discovering Lost Keys to $4,300,000 Bitcoin Trove

A multi million-dollar tale of lost and found BTC has shot to the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit.

A new Reddit user who named their account “BitcoinHolderThankU” says he or she just found the keys to 127 Bitcoin.

The user obtained the BTC in 2011 or 2012, back when you could earn the cryptocurrency by filling out surveys, watching videos, and completing other tasks online.

The user, who was an avid player of the game Dark Orbit, planned to exchange the BTC for an in-game currency called Uridium. But the player never actually made the exchange.

Cut to 2021, when the gamer was at their grandfather’s house where they used to play Dark Orbit.

“I used to play Dark Orbit mainly at my grandpa’s house, and I was there for around a week during the holidays. While I was there I was going through his old Dell computer that I used to play the game on and came across a .txt folder that was labeled ‘Keys’.”

The working keys to all 127 BTC were in the file, says the user, who promptly exchanged them for cash at a price of $34,000 per coin – for a whopping $4.3 million.

“[It] literally took me two hours to write this because I’ve been constantly balling my eyes out while typing.

Made a Reddit account just to share this story with you all. Thank you to all the believers of Bitcoin who made this possible. Hold On for Dear Life.”

You can check out the full post here.

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