Bitcoin becomes larger than Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

Bitcoin trading activity increases daily and right now market capitalization of BTC has passed $539 Billion which means BTC has passed one of the world’s largest investing funds (Berkshire Hathaway) market cap, the CEO of which, Warren Buffett, famously called Bitcoin “rat poison squared.” This shows many institutional investors still have not understood the full potential of Bitcoin and once they do, more money will be flowing in.

Bitcoin (BTC) has posted its highest transaction volume since early 2018 as data points to more and more investors entering the market. Figures from on-chain analytics resource Digital Assets Data highlights December 2020 as already sparking Bitcoin’s second-largest transaction volumes.

As Cointelegraph additionally reported, wallets containing both large and small balances also continue to increase to unprecedented levels. Google Trends, meanwhile, has captured the highest levels of search interest in the term “Bitcoin” worldwide since February 2018.

Bobby Ong, the creator of the price data site Coingecko, gave his predictions for the crypto market in 2021. Among the major tokens, Ether will pass its existing all-time high from 2018. “ETH will break past its $1,500 ATH mainly driven by DeFi.” and for Bitcoin, Ong forecast a price trajectory towards $100,000

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