Airbnb IPO, happening Today, is poised to be a great success. Don’t miss out!


According to Al root, who is an analyst at Barron’s, Airbnb stock will have an amazing start.

Airbnb priced its initial public offering yesterday, Dec 9th and it was a great success. The company raised about $3.5 billion selling 50 million shares for $68 each which is much higher than original $56 to $60 a share that we were expecting.

This kind of price means that Airbnb is valued at roughly $41 billion based on the 600 million shares.

Airbnb is selling less than 10% of its shares. most insiders and early investors in Airbnb can’t sell yet—which means that just a small fraction of stock will set billions of dollars in value.

Don’t be surprised if Airbnb price continues going up. DoorDash, which went public Wednesday, sold just 23 million of 290 million shares outstanding—and the stock went up 85%, valuing the company for roughly $65 billion.  If Airbnb gains the same percentage as DoorDash, that we should be expecting 100$ per share soon.

That isn’t a prediction. It’s an observation that investors seem to want to invest in new growth stocks in 2020, and they’re chasing too few shares.

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