Bitcoin Reaches New Record High Price

11.30.2020 – Bitcoin price goes over $19,800.

BTC price has just broken the 2017 price record climbing over $19,800 today. At some point the price of 1 BTC reached $19,864, however, the price has gone down a little bit for now.

 Now it’s a good time to ask ourselves what’s next for Bitcoin?!

Bitcoin has gone up more than 240% since March of this year, however, there still might be huge upside potential.  Right now Bitcoin bulls and enthusiasts will be trying to break the $20k price mark, and after that price is reached BTC might start a new rally, trying to search for new higher support and resistance levels.

Lately, Institutional investors and Billionaires have been showing high interest in Bitcoin as well, here a good read mentioning some new potential highs that bitcoin might be reaching: Billionaires Investing in Bitcoin

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