Ripple Needs to gain more than 500% to reach record price.

Ripple`s XRP has been going up in price like crazy lately.  It`s up 140% during just last week. This amazing bullish rally is following the several big news around Ripple. Here are the latest news surrounding Fintech Giant.

  • Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings is getting ready to test XRP in the $7 Trillion Forex market. They will try to use XRP to perform overseas currency swaps. Historically forex market transactions have been associated with currency fluctuation risks and high commissions. SBI Holdings is trying to utilize the speed and reliability of Ripple system to minimize these risks and achieve additional commission savings. If done correctly this will be huge news for Ripple and might have a great positive influence on the price of XRP.
  • Another Latest news regarding Ripple is the partnership between Ripple and Bank of America that has been achieved lately. Bank of America will be one of the biggest members of RippleNet, which is the network connecting international financial institutions and banks. The end goal of this network of leading financial institutions and banks around the world is to make international and cross-border transactions faster, safer, cheaper, and easier.
  • Forte announces that it is trying to bring blockchain technology and XRP to the $140 billion video game industry. Forte, Gallium Studios, Monster Ideas, Penrose, and GC Turbo are partnering up to use Forte’s blockchain-based technology to allow gamers to manage and control in-game assets and economies. The possibilities of these partnerships are limitless. Not only will players be able to use XRP to buy in-game items, but maybe even trade in-game cosmetics and items to make real extra money using XRP.

Ripple is working on huge and pretty ambitious projects. This gives us a further bullish outlook for XRP. Even though the price of XRP has already reached the $0.7 mark, It has still a lot to gain, before it reaches its Record price of $3.84, which means that if XRP is to reach its previous record price it still has to grow by more than 500% in the nearest Future.

Ripple is one of our Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that every crypto Investor should be looking at.

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