Record Day for Stock and Crypto Markets

A lot has happened during the last 24 hours. Both stocks and cryptocurrencies have been reaching new highs. Here is an overview of latest market news:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average has exceeded the historical 30,000 mark for the first time ever. Money is rapidly flowing in Stocks, even riskier ones, as Vaccine and other market-friendly news, encourage investors.

  • The S&P 500 index topped it`s record as well, following the news that the process of transferring the power to Joe Biden has started. Investors were worried that Trump would be contesting the election, but this seems far fetched now. The treasury and 3rd vaccine news added to the buying euphoria of the investors hoping that markets will be soaring next year.

  • Individual Stocks and assets started showing new record highs as well. Tesla capped a valuation of $500 billion as its price soared, Bitcoin reached $19k, and small-cap companies have been receiving interest from investors as well, Russell 2000 index has risen 20% in November.

Here is a quote from chief investment officer of Cetera Financial group Gene Goldman, that is explaining one of the reasons why assets have been going up as crazy lately: “There is nothing else to buy. People have this excess cash and they are buying into the market and they are chasing it. People are ignoring the short term and just jumping in and buying. All the short term news is ignored for the long term optimism.”

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You should be also looking at these top 5 cryptocurrencies if you are interested in Crypto.

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