Bitcoin Reaching All-time High Price


BTC price has passed by $19k today and is on it`s way to passing all time high price of $19,783.

Bitcoin Price has passed $19k today. The last time this happened was back in 2017 when the price of 1 BTC reached a record of $19,783 on December 17th.  After that price has gone down, but after 3 years we are seeing bitcoin stronger than ever and a new record high price seems to be imminent.

Bitcoin market capitalization is also at an all-time high, passing $355 billion recently. This Bitcoin frenzy has been caused by multiple factors, like PayPal adding BTC to its platform, also recently BlackRock’s CIO, Rick Reider, mentioned on live TV recently, that Bitcoin has the potential to replace Gold as a store of value since bitcoin has much more functionality.

Some people are saying that BTC price might be a bubble, however, we have to keep in mind there are usually no second waves after a first Financial bubble. Compared to 2017 investors are more informed regarding the advantages of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general.  The demand for BTC has been incredible lately, just during last month price of BTC has risen by 45 %, However, some of the analysts are saying this is just the beginning.

Recently One of Citibank’s analysts forecasted that the price of BTC might be reaching $300k by next December.

Other alt coins, like Ethereum and Ripple have been in the green zone as well.

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