2021 Stock Market Predictions

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Morgan Stanley analysts Andrew Sheets and Chetan Ahya recently posted their outlook for the year 2021. Insiders at Morgan Stanly expects market growth to be better than expected next year.

You can listen to the full Morgan Stanley market expectations podcast here.

It is expected that the global economy will be growing 6.4% and there will be synchronous growth of both the developed and emerging world growing together.

As news of the upcoming vaccine gives people hope of the pandemic getting under control, it is expected that both Corporate and Individual spending will rise and give a boost to businesses and economies in general.

Historically investors do not like uncertainty. This pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty, so people and large investors as well have been piling up on cash. Latest vaccine news signals that the Covid-19 pandemic might be getting under control sooner than we expect, which means investors will start investing in stocks with more confidence. This is great news for the stock market and investors who are looking for good returns.

It is a great time to start investing in stocks.

Here are top 5 stocks that we think have great potential in the next year to come.

You can also check out these top 5 ETF funds that will benefit from overall economy going up in 2021.

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