Vaccine – When should we expect it?

Lately we have been hearing many good news regarding Covid-19 vaccine. Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech have posted that their vaccine has efficiency of 95% based on their latest trial results. One more contender working on vaccine is Moderna, which reported that in the 3rd phase of its trials the vaccine has shown an efficacy of 94.5%.

There up mentioned companies are main candidates for mass distributed vaccine but since vaccine will be hugly profitable for the company that will be able to distribute it first many more are working on it including British Oxford Uni-AstraZeneca, Russian Gamaleya (Sputnik 5) and many other Chinese companies as well.

We were not expecting vaccine for a while, but based on the latest news, it seems like it will be coming much faster than expected. On 20th of November Pfizer and BioNTech submitted request to the FDA for emergency use authorization for their coronavirus vaccine candidate.

If FDA a accepts Pfizers` request it will be first company to get regulatory clearance for its vaccine in USA. This means that the first doses of vaccine will be distributed as soon as in the next few weeks.

However there still will be many logistic problems associated with distributing the vaccine globally. First of all, vaccines need to be stored at very cold temperatures. Transportation around the globe will be another issue that needs to be resolved as well. However, despite this, we are certain that in few months the vaccine will be globally available, since most of the countries are already pre-ordering vaccines.

Meanwhile, here are Few stocks that we think might benefit from the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine.

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