Top 5 Stocks

  • NIO INC / Ticker: NIO

NIO is an electric car manufacturer that is based in Shanghai, China. It was founded in 2014. NIO is the closest thing to TESLA that you can get at the moment and investors are slowly acknowledging that.  IT`s price skyrocketed recently when it posted the revenue of $667 million in the 3rd quarter results, beating the analysts’ expectations.  Besides manufacturing amazing looking cars, NIO is developing autonomous driving software that is pretty advanced and second only to TESLA`s. But what NIO has over TESLA and all the other electric car manufacturers is that it has an amazing car battery swap system, that allows batteries to be changed in the car in a very short time, meaning that if they come out with an advanced battery in few years you can upgrade your car and ad additional driving miles to it. NIO has plans to expand from China to Europe and considering Joe Biden`s ambitious plans for electric vehicles in US maybe even in North America. Price of Neo has gone up by more than 1,200% just this year. At the time of writing This article Nio is trading for around 50$ and Even Bank of America has upgraded NIO`s price tag lately and some analysts are even predicting NIO`s price to go up to $150.

Moderna Inc
  • Moderna Inc / Ticker: MRNA

Moderna is an American biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has been working on COVID-19 vaccine since the start of pandemic. Moderna Uses new approach to designing the vaccine. mRNA vaccine gives the immune system a preview of what the real virus looks like without causing disease and gives the immune system time to design powerful antibodies. Lately Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have shown promising results and this gives us hope that soon we can start giving people the vaccine. This news helped Moderna Stocks go up in price drastically. Stock price has gone up more than 400% this year, and as soon as they start selling and supplying governments with vaccine we are expecting the price to skyrocket!

FedEx Corporation
  • FedEx Corporation / Ticker: FDX

FedEx is an American multinational delivery services company. It covers Every U.S. Street and address but at the same time it services more than 220 countries all around the globe. Since the beginning of pandemic and lockdown FedEx has gained strongly since most of the people are shopping online and FedEx is the one to deliver all those products. In the last 6 month FDX stock has added almost 140% to its value and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.  But the most important thing that investors should be considering when investing in FDX is the fact that the company will be major player in logistics and delivery of COVID-19 vaccine when it comes out. This will add huge revenue to already soaring FedEx income and we are expecting the price of its shares to follow accordingly.

  • Uber / Ticker: UBER

Uber is a San Francisco based company that offers vehicles for hire, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and, through a partnership with Lime, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental.  But due to the pandemic its core ride-hailing business has been hit hard. People are staying inside and travelling less to destinations like shopping malls, work, airports .. etc.

Despite this hit UBER still has managed to go up 56% this year, due to its strong performance in other fields that they operate, but as soon as pandemic gets under control and Uber will also get grown revenues from its core business grown drastically. UBER is a strong BUY!

Trivago N.V.
  • Trivago N.V. / Ticker: TRVG

Triviago is a German Tech company that specializes in home and flat bookings. One of the biggest hit industries during this Pandemic has been tourism. That`s why the TRVG has gone down almost 50% year to date and it`s looking like a bargain right now. Investors should also consider that under the pressure of pandemic Triviago had to implement many changes and lower its costs sharply, which means it will be much easier for the company to reach new high levels of profitability as soon as pandemic gets under control. Analysts are expecting TRVG to double in price

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