Ripple Senior: XRP Will Become A Bridge Between Crypto, Cash, and CBDC.

Craig DeWitt, Ripple Senior, Thinks XRP will be the bridge between CBDC, cryptocurrency, and cash.

Ripple’s senior director of products, Craig DeWitt, in his Twitter post noted that it is almost impossible for any government, no matter how powerful, to serve the whole world`s needs just with its currency. He believes that no government currency, be it digital, cash, or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), will be able to fully serve the international financial industry.

A Ripple senior insisted that the XRP token has the potential to become a bridge between all available currencies around the world. He mentioned that there needs to be a bridge between world currencies that facilitates the global exchange … and he thinks this bridge will most likely be XRP.

Earlier, DeWitt mentioned that cryptocurrencies continue to suffer from unclear regulatory procedures, which is currently forcing Ripple to consider leaving the United States. A Ripple spokesperson has demanded patience from the crypto industry due to the uncertainty over digital currency regulation.

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