White House says there are no plans for Biden-Putin meeting or call: “Now is not the moment”

White House says there are no plans for Biden-Putin meeting or call:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that there are no plans for a meeting or call between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying, “Now is not the moment.”

“We’re not planning a meeting between them or an engagement or a call. The President’s been very, very clear about that. But we’ll have those discussions internally and weigh the range of factors,” Psaki told Collins in Thursday’s briefing. 

Asked if there is any situation in which Biden would sit down with Putin if Russian troops remain in Ukraine, Psaki said, “I can’t make an assessment of that … Right now, they’re invading a sovereign country and continuing to escalate every day. We’re never going to take diplomacy ever off the table but again, now is not the moment for that.”

Psaki also told Collins that the administration has “no assessment” on whether it is moving closer to banning Russian imports. 

Asked what the calculus is in waiting if the White House will ultimately ban Russian imports, Psaki said there is a policy process, adding “sometimes those moves rapidly and often there are a range of factors that are discussed as those decisions are made.” 

Psaki wouldn’t directly answer whether the President believes Russia will ultimately take Kyiv, telling Collins, “That continues to be their aspiration.”

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