Is Apple Planning For Bitcoin Payments! Will BTC Network Volume Eclipse Visa And Mastercard Payments?

Is Apple Planning For Bitcoin Payments!

In an acute inflationary atmosphere, numerous cryptocurrency projects seem to be more appealing to investors. Possible threats of US inflation and the prevailing pandemic situation prompt investors to espouse Bitcoin payments. On the other hand, the network has been thriving hard to outstrip the network volumes of Visa and Mastercard. 

The global crypto market cap raised its bar to the new highs on, as investors gush into Bitcoin investments as Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell made remarks on tapering of monthly bond purchases to occur a couple of weeks before than expected. This move would further result in a hike in the interest rates, resulting in hyperinflation. 

Apple to Adopt Bitcoin Payments?

The reputed tech firms might lookout for investment opportunities that would help manage their purchasing power. Notably, top companies with significant cash reserves such as Apple ($191 billion), Google ($168 billion), Microsoft ($137 billion), Amazon ($86 billion), Facebook ($86 billion), and Oracle ($39 billion) might shift their gears to Crypto investments. Moreover, crypto market insight platform Bitcoin Archive is been optimistic about Apple’s adoption of Bitcoin payments. 

However, crypto analyst Venturefounds recently made remarks on loss of purchasing power by $102 billion in retaliation of record break inflation rate in the US. Hence, possibilities are quite high that top-tier tech firms would soon roll out a red carpet to the Bitcoin payment adoption. 

On the other hand, the Report of Blockdata confirms Bitcoin’s progressive move against PayPalVisa, and Mastercard payments. Bitcoin network acclaimed an evaluated average of $489 billion per quarter in 2021. Besides Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal payments have recorded network volume worth $3.2 trillion, $1.8 trillion, and $302 billion respectively. However, the platform has been optimistic about the massive growth of Bitcoin’s payment network. 

Collectively, investors all across the globe appear to be FOMO-ing Bitcoin. Hence, the flagship asset and other revolutionary cryptocurrency projects would experience sustainable growth in the near future. Especially, the platform has dragged more than 60 to 70% of investments during uncertainties such as pandemic and global financial crises.  

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