John McAfee’s Sudden Death Sparks Myriad Of Conspiracies

John McAfee’s Sudden Death Sparks Myriad Of Conspiracies

The late software titan — John McAfee, was found dead. The Spanish authorities found the body on Wednesday. McAfee was awaiting his tax evasion charges in a Barcelona prison.

Besides tax evasion, McAfee had many other charges. Some of these include money laundering and fraudulent crypto activities. He’d also been on the run from the US authorities for ages.

McAfee got caught on October 3, 2020, at Barcelona airport. He was trying to fly from Spain to Istanbul with a British passport. After this, the US began trying to extradite him and bring him to justice on US soil.

However, McAfee constantly sent updates to the world via Twitter. He said that the US is trying to make an example of him. Also, he was hoping that the Spanish authority would grant him a fair sentence in Spain.

Most alarmingly, he added that the US wished to silence him. McAfee claimed to hold many deep and dark secrets. He said his homeland would do anything to silence him and even stated in his tweets — if ever he hung himself, it would not be by his own hands.

Hence, his death — termed as suicide by both his lawyer and the Spanish government, immediately sent the crypto community into a frenzy. Some, much like McAfee himself, drew a resemblance to McAfee’s case with that of Harvey Epstein.

Another incident that fed the flames of the oncoming conspiracies was McAfee’s Instagram post. The post went live after his supposed death. The image was a black letter Q. This possibly points to the QAnon movement.

A supporting theory appeared when a Twitter user contacted the news site — Zero Hedge. The user got in touch with a Spanish journalist who says they have video proof that US President — Joe Biden, worked with Spain’s Prime Minister — Pedro Sanchez, to orchestrate McAfee’s suicide. 

All in all, the response to John McAfee’s death is huge. The crypto community is either in raging shock or in mourning.

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