Bitcoin April Fool’s Jokes in Full Swing: Elon Musk Taking DOGE to Moon, SegWit on Blockchain & “TubbyCoin” Powered by “HugTech”

Bitcoin April Fool’s Jokes in Full Swing: Elon Musk Taking DOGE to Moon, SegWit on Blockchain & “TubbyCoin” Powered by “HugTech”

The cryptocurrency market is having a field day on April 1st.

Even before April Fools officially started, many were already on board with their Bitcoin and crypto jokes.

First, Chipotle tweeted “Bitcoin Anyone?” as it announced the giveaway of $100,000 in free burritos and $100k in BTC to celebrate National Burrito Day on April 1.

“Do you want to hodl bitcoin like you hodl burritos? Stay tuned,” was their latest tweet on Wednesday regarding this.

Things started getting interesting when we encountered a blast from the past – Teletubbies. The BBC children’s show first gave us a glimpse of it with the hashtag Bitcoin.

Today, further details were revealed with the announcement of an official Teletubbies cryptocurrency called TubbyCoin. And, of course, a few hours in, and they were already are talking about taking “it to the moon.”

Spoiler’s alert: it’s April Fool’s prank.

As per the official announcement, the coin is launched “in response to the overwhelming global demand for cryptocurrencies.” This new crypto employs the “groundbreaking power of HugTech.”

Developed at WildBrain Labs, TubbyCoin is a new virtual system that conveys the inherent value of Big Hugs! in the form of exchangeable TubbyCoin “BigHugs,” featuring Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Po.

Today many others have joined in, including India’s e-commerce site Flipkart, which said they now accept Bitcoin as payment. But for now, they are sticking to their Supercoins. Their April fools joke took off on Twitter before people realized it was a joke. A cruel one at that, considering India is wanting to send people to jail for using cryptocurrencies.

An interesting one came from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is yet again all hearts for his favorite coin, Dogecoin. DOGE 12.60%Dogecoin / USDDOGEUSD$ 0.06

“SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon,” tweeted Musk.

While it looks like another April Fools prank, Musk could definitely make it possible. Not to forget that Gmail was also launched on April 1st of 2004, and people really thought it to be an April Fools’ Day prank.

A “Tiger King” NFT collection is also coming today from Jeff Lowe, who is facing legal opposition from Joe Exotic.

Crypto Twitter, meanwhile, are pranking with their “sold BTC” tweets.

Interestingly, this day was chosen by, which recently raised $300M, to finally announce that they are now rolling out support for native SegWit to improve network speed and reduce transaction costs.

Many readers are wondering if that’s another April Fools joke, but CEO Peter Smith says “No” but with a winking emoji; so, no surety there.

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