SEC Claims John Deaton Wants to Trade XRP Despite Lawsuit

SEC Claims John Deaton Wants to Trade XRP Despite Lawsuit

John Deaton wants to trade XRP again despite lawsuits.
XRP holders have set to interfere in the Ripple-SEC lawsuit sensation.

According to US SEC, Judge Jorge Tenreiro, XRP holder John Deaton wants to trade XRP despite its recent lawsuit.

Earlier, Deaton predicted that XRP price will double if crypto exchanges allow its trading again. About this, Deaton reportedly said that he is not among other investors who got their money lost amid the SEC lawsuit.

He said,

If you don’t consider the suppression in price, due to the SEC filing, I’ve never even claimed to have lost money on XRP.

Lately, XRP holders seem to be interfering in the Ripple-SEC lawsuit. Due to this, many other judges like Federal Judge Analisa Torres, Jorge Tenreiro, etc., are not happy about it.

In fact, the judges have asked the Court to stop XRP investors from interfering in the case. Based on a report, if the Court opens to XRP users, it would bring ‘confusion’ and ‘unmanageable complexity’.

Meanwhile, the SEC has warned XRP investor Vladi Zakinov and many other holders who allegedly said that Ripple was trading unregistered security tokens. Of note, many believe that if the Court allows Zakinov to interfere, many other XRP holders will also come in. This includes a large class of XRP investors who previously accused Ripple Lab Inc. of its unregistered security tokens.

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