Stellar-Based USDC Integrated by FinClusive for Fast Corporate Payments

Stellar-Based USDC Integrated by FinClusive for Fast Corporate Payments

FinClusive has partnered with Stellar so banks can seamlessly conduct cross-border payments, while Stellar offers a solution to avoid high ETH fees for sending USDC

FinClusive platform has announced its strategic partnership with Stellar USDC to integrate the Stellar-powered stablecoin for convenient and fast corporate transfers across borders that financial institutions can use.

FinClusive teams up with Stellar to integrate USDC

FinClusive is a company that helps banks and financial institutions to improve their products related to financial inclusion.

The company has struck a partnership deal with Stellar to integrate the second-biggest stablecoin, USDC (whose single version is powered by the Stellar blockchain), in order to allow businesses to utilize USDC for fast cross-border payments without losing compliance.

The company allows its numerous corporate customers to make instant payments in USD Coin, while covering all KYC and AML issues related to those transactions.

As FinClusive has noticed recently, businesses have been inclined to leverage stablecoins pegged to top global currencies or baskets of them to perform transnational payments.

Stellar knows how to avoid high ETH fees for USDC

Turkish Stellar’s XLM Twitter account has offered a service that can help USDC users avoid paying high fees of $10-$15 for sending $10 in crypto on the Ethereum blockchain.

To transfer USDC without having to pay these gargantuan fees, users can shift their USDC from Ethereum to Stellar and send their stablecoins after that.

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