Logan Paul Makes New NFT Pokemon Card Unboxing Highlights, Sells Out

Logan Paul Makes New NFT Pokemon Card Unboxing Highlights, Sells Out

After the auction of his two-decade-old Pokemon cards, Logan Paul is back to making headlines in the NFT scene. Highlights of his Pokemon trading card unboxings have been repackaged as NFTs and are now sold out.

American Youtuber and boxer, Logan Paul, partnered with Bondly Finance to launch his personalized NFT early last month. Paul also announced the purchase of first edition Pokemon booster packs worth ~$2 million prior to the partnership.

The valuable cards were auctioned and unboxed in a live stream held on Feb. 27. Paul turned the highlights of the ‘Pokemon box break’ into new NFTs. These highlights were packaged into ‘moments,’ which are now sold out.

Paul had earlier expressed his newfound obsession with the fast-growing NFT space. In a press release, he said:

“I am thrilled to partner with Goldin for the biggest Pokémon unboxing ever. This is a newfound obsession of mine and I am so excited to share it with other enthusiasts around the world.”  

After the auction of his Pokemon cards, Logan Paul stated that he will be joined by Goldin Auction CEO, Ken Goldin, to unbox the packs before sending them out to the winners. His decision to launch new NFTs with the unboxing highlights further supports the NFT narrative.

Like his inaugural NFTs, the new unboxing moments quickly won the hearts of many. The entire collection is now reportedly sold out.

Perks of the Pokemon Moment Collection

Owning any NFT moment collection usually comes come with some sort of side benefit. Buyers of these particular NFTs will be entitled to a one-month Maverick club membership, a signed first edition energy card, and a “Spirit Guide” PolkaPets Card.

NFTs Continue Gaining Traction

Logan Paul is one of the most popular names in the scene, and his staggering results speak for him. Many claim his activities is one of the catalyst towards the unprecedented growth of the NFT sector and it seems to hold some water.

On Feb. 19, Paul launched the first Logan Paul NFT. He recorded a groundbreaking $1 million in sales in the first thirty minutes and $3.5 million on the first day.

The NBA Top Shot NFTs have continued to set the bar higher and higher. It recently crushed the 24-hour sales record, amassing over $34 million in sales in one day.

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