DNV GL to strengthen partnership with VeChain as part of digital strategy

DNV GL has been able to expand and increase the scope of its services and the development of new solutions with VeChain.
In 2021 DNV GL will focus on creating supply chain and sustainability solutions.

In recent years, the cooperation between DNV GL and VeChain has led to the development of many solutions based on the blockchain technology that they have successfully applied in multiple sectors. That cooperation will be strengthened in the coming years, according to Yu Jie, Director of Digital Business for DNV GL Greater China.

In an interview with the VeChain Foundation, Jie emphasized the importance of integrating blockchain technology with traditional business. Over the next decade, only companies that integrate blockchain technology with their business model will be able to maintain an edge, in Jie’s opinion.

In the specific case of DNV GL, VeChain’s blockchain technology enables them to expand the services they provide. Among other things, DNV GL is a company that offers risk management, certification, safety improvement, and classification in 5 sectors such as digital solutions, energy, the gas and oil industry, and others. Having integrated with VeChain, the company has been able to, according to Jie:

(…) combining with DNV GL’s own services can guarantee the authenticity of data to the greatest extent and the value of data accumulated on the chain To improve the effectiveness of data governance. One of the biggest impacts of the new Corona epidemic on the market is to make the wall of “trust” more prominent than ever.

What will be the future focus of DNV GL and VeChain?

Among the challenges that the partners and the blockchain industry as a whole face are the need to drive adoption. This can be achieved, according to Jie, if companies can effectively communicate to their customers what the benefits of blockchain are and how it can help their businesses.

In 2020, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic affected a large portion of businesses. In that regard, the DNV GL executive said that VeChain stands out by its technical capabilities, but especially because it’s understanding of the “business world”, as Jie stated:

VeChain’s flexible technical architecture can adapt to various business scenarios, and it can quickly adapt to setbacks when combing through demand.

A business can leverage VeChain to deploy digital services to mitigate the effects of the pandemic or create solutions that help manage infection risk. DNV GL and VeChain have developed two digital products that are crucial for that purpose: My Story™ and My Care™.

As reported by CNF, these solutions have been applied in China, Cyprus, the UK among other countries. By launching these products, DNV GL has managed to withstand the strike of the pandemic and has expanded into new markets. In 2021, the company will continue to explore new digital services with two areas of focus: sustainability and supply chain management, as Jie concluded:

(…) we will focus on sorting out the market conditions of various industries, combining DNV GL’s experience and professional services in advantageous fields, to create more comprehensive solutions and products based on digitalization, especially blockchain technology.

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