Ray Dalio and Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin, BTC Is Store of Value: Mike Novogratz


After billionaire Ray Dalio and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have endorsed Bitcoin, former Goldman Sachs manager Mike Novogratz has become even more positive on BTC

Galaxy Digital CEO and a famous Bitcoin lover Mike Novogratz has taken to Twitter to remind the community that billionaire Ray Dalio and the world’s richest man Elon Musk have both endorsed Bitcoin recently and have done it within approximately 24 hours of one another.

This has made Novogratz even more convinced that Bitcoin is a store of value. Another major Bitcoin influencer even believes that Tesla and/or SpaceX may soon add BTC to their balance sheets.

Mike Novogratz is bullish, so are Dalio and Musk

The Galaxy Digital CEO mentioned Ray Dalio who tweeted that he “now greatly admires Bitcoin” after doubting about it and asking to correct him if he was wrong and after slamming the flagship cryptocurrency during the World Economic Forum in Davos last year.

Then earlier today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk chose “Bitcoin” as the only word in his Twitter bio line, endorsing it and pushing BTC immediately from the $32,000 area up to $37,000, according to CoinMarketCap.

After this, an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Mike Novogratz again shared his view that Bitcoin is a store of value. “All stores of value are belief systems”, he added, as if explaining why one word from one man (a very much influential, though) managed to push Bitcoin up almost 20 percent in less than an hour.

Another prominent figure in the business and crypto world who has also added “Bitcoin” as the only word in their Twitter bio is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Elon Musk’s tweet brought a storm of comments and discussions of where this may take Bitcoin and other crypto further.

Will Tesla and/or SpaceX now add Bitcoin to their balance sheets?

Musk’s tweet has raised numerous assumptions that in the near future the companies he runs – Tesla and SpaceX – are likely to add Bitcoin as a reserve currency to their balance sheet.

In particular, two partners at Morgan Greek Digital – Anthony Pompliano and Jason Williams – have shared this view on their Twitter handles.

Entrepreneur and crypto podcaster Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp) reckons that adding Bitcoin to the balance sheet by Musk-run companies is now just a question of time.

“Tesla and SpaceX adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet is now inevitable.”

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