Bitcoin dips 20%. You should buy the dip NOW!


The last 24 hours have been crazy volatile for Number 1 cryptocurrency. From $41k Bitcoin has gone down to almost 30k. Investors might be asking themselves what is causing this sell off and what will happen to the price next? Let’s see what long time BTC investors and professionals are thinking.

First, we have, Famous Winklevoss twins. Both Brothers, Cameron and Tyler have been invested in Bitcoin since 2012 and have seen numerous price corrections. However, they always held a larger part of their BTC and have made fortune while doing so. Both brothers right now are investors to buy the dip because the price will start going up soon.

David Gokhshtein, one of the most influential crypto investors, with more than 250k followers, also thinks this is a great opportunity to buy into BTC.

Now Let’s go over the fundamentals of what caused Bitcoin to skyrocket up to $41k, and why these fundamentals are still strong and will cause to Bitcoin to go up even higher:

Countries all over the world have been giving out stimulus packages and printing money like crazy. Analysts and Investors all over the world do understand that this will have consequences and are worried about incoming inflation. Right now Bitcoin Seems like the best store of value. BTC has performed much better than Gold and investors see that. Another big stimulus package is coming soon to The US. Nothing has changed. People will continue putting money in BTC and the price will go up!

Institutional investors and billionaires have started investing in BTC. Microstrategy invested hundreds of millions in BTC.  Other companies Like Square and PayPal followed as well. Billionaires are investing in Bitcoin as well. Big guys are not investing for short term gains. They understand the value of Bitcoin and are buying more and more. There are more and more Bitcoin whales popping up every day. The only ones selling right now are scared people, but they are selling to Institutional buyers who will be waiting for the price of Bitcoin to go up to 150-250k.

The brightest minds in Finance have much higher price targets for Bitcoin. Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says Bitcoin will reach $200k. JP Morgan Analysts have set a price target of $146,000 for Bitcoin. Other analysts are predicting the same prices for Bitcoin as well.

This is a great time to be investing in Bitcoin. If you would like to buy into BTC just press the button below, and you’ll be directed to the biggest and most secure crypto exchange platform Binance. Don’t miss out, the price has already started going up.

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