Anthony Pompliano On Bitcoin: “Everyone Is Underestimating This Beast”

Bitcoin continues to make headlines everywhere you look.

The king coin penetrated the mainstream media in 2020, and FOMO is slowly but surely rising, and the best part is that we now have FOMO amongst the big players.

Big players are pouring money into BTC
Anthony Pompliano is addressing a few vital issues on social media about the king coin. Check out what he has to say about the big players.

Someone responded: “Given the risk factor and extreme volatility of BTC, most firms suitability officers wouldn’t even allow advisors to recommend BTC as a suitable investment for most clients. Also, many firms don’t have access to BTC on the broker platforms they use.”

A commenteer said: “Some are open-minded, but many financial advisors/wealth managers don’t get paid a commission on Bitcoin or physical precious metals and therefore lie to your face and recommend equities or bonds instead…”

Pomp also posted this:

Massive FOMO forming
Bitcoin is definitely triggering major FOMO these days among people.

Someone asked: “As a beginner if I want to buy Bitcoin…1. Can I buy a fraction of a coin?

  1. Where do you buy such a thing? (I’m in the UK.) I Googled all this earlier in the week (after reading your ‘letter to shareholders’), and even as someone relatively tech aware I was lost.”

Pomp replied: “Yes you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. I don’t make recommendations on specific products. I Will let others do that, but a simple google search should turn up a large, regulated, well-respected solution.”

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